Laurie has been singing all her life, and throughout her school years  she participated in school musicals and drama           

    She spent several years as the lead singer for a Kalamazoo, Michigan based band called SKYBOLT.    She was also a
    torch singer in a vaudeville show at the State Theater in Kalamazoo that featured George Goebel.  She has been awarded
    an "Emerging Artist" grant , from the Gilmore Foundation in Kalamazoo, awarded to artists who show promise in their

    Laurie has a vocal range and depth that , "sends chills up and down your spine"!  Whether she is singing a soft Barbara     
    Streisand type ballad, or a high energy Janis Joplin type Rockin' Blues, you will be caught up in the mesmerizing quality of
    her voice.  The special ability to sing from her heart, and interpret each song in a new way has endeared her to
    audiences.   Her creativity and originality in performance gives her a stage presence that rivets the audience in anticipation
    of each song!


    Wayne has been playing keyboard instruments, and singing from an early age,
    performing in school musicals and drama productions.  He was one of the original-
    founding members of  SKYBOLT, a Kalamazoo, Michigan based band.   His love for all
    styles of music has given him a versatility, and ability to play a wide variety of music
    proficiently.  Over the past years he has learned the art of using computer technology to
    arrange music that is very full sounding using sequencers, keyboards, and sampled
    sounds.  He has virtually become the entire back up band  with his computer and
    keyboard skills.

    By combining their talents they are able to provide exciting music to dance to,  and great
    music to listen to!

    Laurie and Wayne are married and have performed together for many years.   
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